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… and pieces

Pieces piece~meal/ hungry for organisation/ perhaps a cause/ installation

Adagio process decousaiced on a battered old case, with sores that take their time to mend. Even then, life evidence remains; patination in the carsitecture; loose seams holding it together with agar agar soup and musts of bygone hums.

Torn between leaving paper thin silk lining, scorched by quite obviously infected moth~wee, and not. Fading deep burgundy punctuated by urinochre, states shrine to a winged creature’s colour theories.

I wonder where it will go when with me has passed.

Will moss tufts, continuums damp marram for doldinge, hightlight adagios dense magnetism to things of th wayside.


Eginnings. Consolidatios, and Other time shapely smoddiness *•

Upped Rusticity

Something of lapsed ways, disintegrations,  chafe surges of already smarting mind chatter  this morning as every morning awaiting more new old, old new arrivals.

what to do?

ritually cheese off the ninety three percent  as a seven percent brit, according to Arts Council Britain.  Probably less percent if considering materials cobbled;  rust crumble, paint peelings, limbless dolls with found limbs, headlessmannequin with inverted nipple  awaiting an arrival of sorts, perhaps mosaics pinkted from Viv Westwood printed collections of fancifully adorned bondage,  over a skin of skillish fibresparkle glimpses in old lady pink.

i am sure i have left the iron on!

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