Circular Economy – Simplified

#creativemovement in the context of arts and crafts can only be successful on or within a circular economy
Presently, our whole economy centres itself around a core of embryonic ideals which within itself has to work within placing value on novelty.
Herein lies, surely, the only platform that can inevitibly niche an arts and craft circular economy that befits our current economy structure.
In many ways, #circulareconomy would be best placed moving onto the ‘shop floor’, so to speak.
All the best post future kids tolerate structures that are just in need of a kind of acupuncture that will no doubt nourish, nurture our post future novelties as considered designs that give a damn.
Banksy Was Here via @laurenzcollins

Circular & Sustainable Earth

Waste is known as an unwanted resource. But is that fair? Perhaps it is simply in need of a creative movement, set to change perception about the way we use, deal, and think about our most common by-products.
In this ‘take, make and throw away’ world, we’re constantly surrounded by stuff and things (and more things and more stuff). Quickly, easily, and without thinking, our casual collections become waste. Whether it be a finished coffee cup, an old phone or an unwanted gift from grandma, our waste runs so rampant in our everyday life, it’s now become invisible.

The circular economy, reuses and recycles materials, producing little waste.

By looking at the whole system, treating all materials as valuable, and shifting to new marketplace models that minimize the new_article_d47468551aeea7dd46cc2ae9d3256c2a284c4436.jpgamount of resources needed in the first place, the circular economy is based on resource productivity and how we can get…

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